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Nirogam Presents Triphala Rasayana 200gms – Powder.


* Triphala Rasayan is beneficial in removing all three doshas in the body, strengthens our senses especially our eyes, inhibits onset of old age and improves intelligence.
* Consuming this has a positive effect on eyesight. It protects from ambliopia, cataract, night blindness, glaucoma, etc. other aye ailments.
* It maintains dark, dense and strong hair.
* Regular use of this for 40 days will improve memory, intelligence, stamina and semen. With its use for 60 days, it shows remarkable new effects.

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Dosage / Usage:
Take 10 grams of this mixture with luke warm water in the morning and evening daily. Children to be given only 6 grams.
Take only one simple course of meal in a day, something which is easily digestible. Reducing salt content in food during this dosage period is also beneficial. You can take cow milk in the morning and evenings. Maintain atleast 2-2.25 hours interval between taking milk and this mixture. During this period, abstain from sour,oily, spicy and heavy foods. In these days, simply having milk-rice, milk-dahlia or milk-roti is considered highly beneficial.

Packing Size: 200gms

Manufacture Code – HRNRGM0582

Brand – Nirogam.


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