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Nirogam Presents Navras Pak 250gms.


* Female infertility
* Male infertility
* Premature ejaculation
* Erectile dysfunction
* Restore energy lost due to masturbation
* Fatigue
* Weight gain
* Low or nil sperm count
* Rejuvenates the body
* Revitalizes the body cell
* Restores energy
* Reduces inflammation
* Releases stress
* Purifies blood
* Stimulates immune system
* Improves digestion
* Enhances wellbeing
* Regulates cell function
* Protects from toxins and pollutants
* Improves memory and concentration.

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Mango belongs to the family “Anacardiaceae”. It has the scientific name “Magnifera Indica” and is widely found in India and south East Asia. The flowers of mango tree are mostly male which supply pollens and few are bisexual which help in formation of fruits.

Bark, leaves, flowers; seed, raw and ripe fruits of mango have myriad medicinal uses. Texts of ayurveda mention various herbal preparations using different parts of mango tree. These preparations are used to normalize a variety of health conditions.

Ripe mango normalizes vata and pitta. It helps to relieve constipation and normalize digestion. Consumption of ripe mango increases hemoglobin in blood and is very useful in treating anemia. Ayurvedic texts suggest the uses of ripe mango as an aphrodisiac. It is known to rejuvenate male reproductive system and increase quality and quantity of semen. It also increases sexual energy (as it nourishes rakta dhatu) and stamina. Thus it helps in erectile dysfunction and low libido. Ripe mango strengthens the body, increases body bulk and increases glow of skin.

Mango is a tropical and seasonal fruit. It is rich in nutrients and has a great nutritional value. Texts of Ayurveda commend its nutritional and medicinal value. The following are nutritional facts of mango.

Mango is rich in carbohydrates .Therefore helps to gain weight and energy. Ayurveda acharyas have indicated that mangoes cause “Brimhanatwa” (increase in weight) and increase “Bala” (strength). Persons who suffer from anemia are benefited by this fruit as it contains iron. Hence its use is indicated in “Pandu” (anemia) in ayurveda.

High fibers in mango fruit help to relieve constipation. This property helps to normalize doshas and help to expel body toxins. This fruit is a good source of a variety of minerals and vitamins which help to increase sexual energy. Hence ayurveda acharyas call this fruit as “Vrishya”. This means the one which help in erectile dysfunction, to increase quality and quantity of semen and act as aphrodisiac.

Natural vitamins of mango (Vit A, Vit C) help to relieve clogged pores of skin and increase fairness and its glow. Hence this fruit is known for its property of “Varnya” in ayurveda.

Dosage: Take about half tea spoon Navras Pak early in the morning on empty stomach followed by a glass of warm milk as anupana. (10 gms)

MEN: Take for three months and give a break.

WOMAN: Take for 4 to six menstrual cycles and give a break. If conceived earlier, stop taking, consult your Gynecologist and follow their medication or instructions

Note : Since NAVRAS PAK contains MANGO PULP, SUGAR, HONEY and Other Sweet Ingredients, This will not be suitable for Diabetic Patients.

Packing Size: 250gms

Manufacture Code – HRNRGM0572

Brand – Nirogam.


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