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Nirogam Presents Caralluma 60 Caps.


* Caralluma extracts are available in the market in the capsule form. Clinical trials conducted show that the regular use of Caralluma Fimbriata can effectively reduce the BMI, the waist and hip circumferences and eventually serve to lose weight. With regular use of Caralluma, you can make sure that you eat less and burn those ugly pounds as well.
* Encourages Weight Loss.
* Controls Appetite.
* Burns Fat Naturally.
* 100% Herbal.
* No Known Side Effects.
* Science points out that the key phytochemical constituents of the herb are pregnane glycosides, flavone glycosides, megastigmane glycosides, and saponins.
* The herb Caralluma inhibits hunger by sending signals to the appetite control centre of the brain. Thus, it makes the brain believe that the stomach is full and that no more food is required.
* This was the main reason why it was a favourite portable food of the hunting tribesmen of the rural times who needed more stamina and could afford less food.
* It is also found that Caralluma helped to burn fat while keeping the stomach full. The phytochemicals in Caralluma Fimbriata inhibit the enzymes that cause fat gain and thus force the body to burn its fat reserves. * While controlling food cravings it helps to increase the energy levels and reduce blood sugar.

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Ailments Addressed Overweight

Many of us are at least a few kilos overweight than their recommended weight. You are called overweight if you have more body fat than just being healthy. Though a couple of kilos of excess weight does no harm, being excessively overweight and obese jeopardizes ones health.

Body Mass Index is the real indicator of your obesity.

* BMI of 18.5 and less – Underweight

* BMI Between 18.5-24.9 – Normal Weight

* BMI of 25 and Above – Overweight

* BMI Between 25-30 – Pre-Obesity

* BMI of 30 and Above Obesity

The next comes waist circumference.

If you are a woman with a waist measurement of 35 inches or above and man with 40 inches or above, you are definitely overweight!

Recommended Lifestyle Changes

* Weight gain is related to your genes, eating habits and activity level. Overeating and a sedentary lifestyle cause you to gain body fat or adipose tissue.

* Count the number of calories you eat. We mean healthy calories in nutritious foods. Exclude all junk foods and beverages while doing so.

* Divide your meals in to 5-6 small portions. Spreading meals this way stops overeating, food cravings and excessive hunger. Eating too less is as harmful as overeating.

* Include more whole foods and plant based foods. Try to have 2-4 servings of fruits and 4-8 servings of vegetables a day. Take up the habit of eating whole fruits than cut fruits or juices. Taking boiled vegetables, salads, seeds and nuts in moderation is ideal for nutrition.

* Avoid fatty, sweet and heavy foods after 1 pm.

* Take your dinner around 8pm and have a snack before bed time if hungry.

* Avoid the habit of waking up late in to the night. This activates stress hormones and encourages weight gain. Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day.

* Get some physical activity every day. It does not have to be an exercise but activities like climbing stairs, walking, gardening, washing the vehicle etc. count too.

Usage instructions

Dosage: 02 Capsule twice / thrice daily, before meal


No significant side effects are known of Caralluma while mild side effects like gastritis may occur in some people. But, these side effects are short lived and usually disappear within a week or two. Caralluma Fimbriata supplements are not recommended for women who are pregnant or lactating.

Packing Size : 60 Capsules

Manufacture Code – HRNRGM0541

Brand – Nirogam.


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