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Nature’s Ally presents Bitter gourd and Jamun Seed Soup

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* Benefits – Karela is a known as a blood purifier, it activates spleen and liver and is highly beneficial in Diabetes. It is a purgative, digestive, anti-inflammatory appetizer and has great capacity and qualities for healing the body.

* The need for phosphorus in the human body can be easily fulfilled by regular consumption of Karela Soup.

* Jamun Seed : The seed is also used in various alternative healing systems like Ayurveda (to control diabetes, for example), Unani and Chinese medicine for digestive ailments.

* The uniqueness of the Product – A Natural soup without any artificial fragrance, color, preservative, additives or thickening agent.

* It is in the powder form, packaged in sachets precisely measured for each day’s personal needs and very convenient to carry.

* Just mix the contents of the sachet in water and boil it for two minutes whenever you want to make Instant Karela Soup.

* A quality Product from Nature's Ally

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Manufacturer Code – HRVDTK0528

Benefits – Anti-Diabetic soup

Ingredients – Formulated with Bitter gourd and Jamun Seeds.

Weight – Formulated with Bitter gourd and Jamun Seeds.

Brand – Vedantika Herbals.


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