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Mahaved presents HEIGHT KING Body Growth, Height Increase, Height Growth Capsules (60 Capsules).

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* Boosts natural process of height Growth & development of the body and as a result Bones, ligaments etc start gaining length and result in height growth.
* Builds and tones Muscular mass by promoting new cell and tissue growth.
* Improves Metabolism which further leads to lean body. Strengthens Nervous System.
* Produces Amino acids that work as a food supplement for the Pituitary which further results in production of * Growth hormone by natural process. This growth hormone increase height by natural phenomenon.
* Maintains Cholesterol levels and is a good tonic for Heart.
* Slower down's aging process. Reduces extra fat
* For Improving Growth and Height of Body. Speeds up your Body Growth.
* Helpful in conditions like stucked body and height growth.
* 100% Safe. No Steroids, Chemicals, 100% Herbal & Ayurvedic (No Side Effects).

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Ingredients Contains:

Kesar 5 mg, Laung 5 mg,
Safed Musli 20 mg, Amla 50 mg,
Shatvar 40 mg, Mulethi 25 mg,
Kasturi Dana 25 mg,Pudina 20 mg,
Punarnava 45 mg, Kaanch 35 mg, Jayphal 5 mg,
Peepal 20 mg, Kali Mirch 5 mg,
Vijaysaar 25 mg, Vidari Kand 20 mg,
Arjun 98 mg,Ashwagandha 57 mg,Sonth 10 mg.

Manufacture Code – MHC-HK-CPS

How to Use – 1 or 2 Capsules twice a day with milk or water

Disclaimer – This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Above information is for RMP only. All Claims are based on customer feedbacks and testimonials. We do not provide assurance for any results and results may vary from individual to individual.

Box Contains – HEIGHT KING 60 Capsules.



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