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* Best Serum and Creme for all skin types
* 2 in 1 formula of Serum and Creme
* Contains great amount of revolutionary Ginplex Youth Compound
* Contains 10 times extra anti-ageing power
* Removes the extra oil on the skin
* Helps to control acne, pimples and blemishes
* Serum boosts the production of collagen
* Creme helps to restore the moisture in the skin
* Creme hydrates and nourishes the skin
* Serum quickly penetrates the skin
* Does not contain any preservatives
* Gently massage with circular movements, every morning and evening over cleansed face. Recommended for daily usage.

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Manufacture Code – HRLOTS1117

EAN – 0806360759301

Weight – 30ml

Ingredients –

• Ginseng – Maintains elasticity, vitality and regeneration capacity of skin cells.
• Zingiber offlcinate (Ginger) – Removes age spots, hypopigmented scars and blemishes. Enhances glow of skin.
• Milk Peptide – Nourishes the skin from within and helps in production of collagen, making the skin firmer & improving its elasticity.

Description –

A hard working formulation Youth Activating Serum+Crème is enriched with the highest concentration of revolutionary GINEPLEX YOUTH COMPOUND. The Serum penetrates the skin quickly & delivers 10X* more GINEPLEX YOUTH COMPOUND. The crème nourishes & hydrates the skin & helps gain moisture. Results:
Leaves skin fresh, hydrated and younger looking.

Brand – Lotus Herbals.


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