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Lotus Herbals RADIANT DIAMOND Cellular Radiance 4 FACIAL KIT Kit.

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* Combination of natural and organic ingredients that makes it a herbal product
* Consists of diamond dust and other natural extracts to promote collagen production
* Maintains skin firmness and elasticity
* Tones skin muscles with radiant diamond face mask
* Removes dirt from the face and gives a glowing skin
* Clinically tested by dermatologists for its mildness on skin
* Tones skin muscles and improves skin health
* Reduces skin wrinkles and prevents early signs of ageing
* Revamps skin health and enhances free radical damage process
Step 1: Gently Apply Exfoliating Cleanser on moistened skin in circular movements on the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly or clean with moist cream.
Step 2: Take 5-7 drops of activator, apply on the face and massage for 2-3 minutes. Without wiping follow the next step.
Step 3: Apply Massage crème and gently massage all over face, neck in circular movements. Reapply frequently, continue massage for around 10-15 minutes for better results. Remove from damp cotton.
Step 4: Apply a Generous amount of Mask on the face & neck. After the mask dries, rinse thoroughly or remove with moist cotton. Pat Dry.

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Manufacture Code – HRLOTS1087

EAN – 0806360135419

Weight – 148g

Description –

Lotus Herbals Radiant Diamond Deep-Cell Activation System Cellular Radiance Facial Kit is the combination of organic and natural items which rejuvenates the skin with cellular regeneration with deep cell activation system. It consists of radiant diamond exfoliating cleanser that consists of diamond dust and natural extracts. Another item present in the kit is radiant diamond activator which penetrate in the skin with diamond colloidal and promotes collagen production and fights with free radical damage.

It also consists of Radiant diamond Massage Cream With diamond dust that helps wrinkles to get vanished and maintains skin firmness and muscle toning. The useful radiant diamond mask that rinses the dirt from the face and give you a glowing skin. This kit is clinically verified by dermatologists for their mildness on skin.

Rejuvenate and glow your skin with Lotus Herbals Radiant Diamond Deep-Cell Activation System Cellular Radiance Facial Kit.

Brand – Lotus Herbals.


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