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Lasky Herbal Allegance F Sex Stimulant and Libido Enhancer cream for Female combo pack of 3.

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* Achieving good vaginal rigidity.
* Improving vaginal stimulation.
* Powerful & multiple orgasms.
* 100% Herbal, No Side Effects.
* Allegance F Cream stimulates blood flow to the Vaginal region. The massaging action of Allegance F Cream for women increases the impulses to the glans vagina for initiating sexual act. The highly organized sensory end organ system in the vagina then transmits signals to the brain & Stimulation occurs.
* Allegance F Cream is suitable for women who fail to get an orgasm despite feeling sexually aroused.
* Allegance F Cream is for women who have less interest due to over indulgence in sex or old age. With Allegance F Cream for Women there is no reason why a woman should not continue to have an active & happy sex life well into old age.
* Allegance F Cream is recommended for use before sexual act as it is known to expedite orgasm in the male partner.

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Sex Stimulant Cream for Female / Libido Enhancer cream for female

Brand Name: Allegance F cream
Pack size: 150 gms (3 bottles of 50 gms each)

Application of Allegance F Cream:

Apply 0.5 to 1 gm of cream on the vagina & massage slowly till fully absorbed. Do not wash or wipe off the cream for at least one hour.
For sustained satisfaction use twice every day. (Follow a minimum 45 – 60 days course)
Continue for at least 90 days.

Manufacture Code – HRGTBT0494

Brand – Lasky Herbal.


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