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GRF Ayurveda presents Whey Protein Gold Protein Supplement pack of 600 Gms.


* High Protein Value.
* Digests fast and easy.
* Products helps for gaining weight and body building.
* Best in Class Protein Powder, Protein Supplement and Sport Nutrition for Weight Gain, Body Building, Muscle * Building, Mass Gainer, Strength,

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Ingredients Contains :

Each 10 gms (contains) Whey Protein 7.5gm.

Skimmed Milk Powder 1gm, Crushed Sugar 1.5gm,

Tal makahana(Asteracantha longifolia) 1000mg,

Shatavar(Asparagus racemosus) 1000mg,

Vidhari Kand(Pueria tuberosa) 250mg,

Salab Panja(Orchis lantifolia) 250mg,

Punarnava(Boerhavia diffusa) 250mg,

Safed Moosali (Asparagus adsecendens) 250mg ,

Salam Mishri(Orchid mascula) 500mg,

Ashwagandha(Withania somniferra) 500mg,

Munnaka(Vitis venifera) 300mg,

M.P.S 0.2%w/v, P.P.S 0.025%w/v.10 to 15 Gms

Manufacture Code – GRF-WPG-600

How to Use – Use thrice a day with milk or water.

Disclaimer – All Claims are based on customer feedbacks and testimonials. We do not provide assurance for any results and results may vary from individual to individual.

Contains – 600 Gms Jar Pack.



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