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Biryani 200G

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Steam Cooking

Blend: Combine one measure of blend with one

measure water.

STEAM: Steam this in an electric cooker or inertly cooker for 15 min. Try not to PRESSURE COOK.

SERVE: Remove from warmth and serve hot with raita. Open Pan Cooking

Blend: Combine one measure of blend with 2 measures of water.

COOK: Boil and stew on low medium fire for 10-12 min.

REST: Remove from warmth. Rest for 2 min. Serve hot with raita.


Basmati rice* (80%), Groundnut oil* , Dried vegetables* (4.2%) ( Beans, Carrots), Dried Onion*, Salt, Dried Coriander leaves*, Dried garlic*, Ginger*, Coriander powder*, Chili powder*, Dried Mint leaves*, Cardamom*, Cinnamon*, Cloves*, Bay leaf*, Acidulant (citrus extract), Mace*, Cumin seeds* Turmeric*, Asafoetida and spices*

Fixings with * are natural

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There are numerous forms of biryani (pilaf) in India, yet the biryani formula from Hyderabad positions on the top! The formula which ended up plainly prevalent under Nizam control, has been passed down for quite a long time. The biryani formula includes many strides – setting up the biryani zest blend, rice, making the vegetable or meat sauce, amassing and layering lastly ‘dum cooking’ for 25 minutes. 24 Mantra now present to you this bona fide formula from Hyderabad, which can be prepared in 15 minutes! The all regular flavor blend mixed with basmati rice, will amuse the taste buds of your family! Made with natural fixings, no added substances or additives included, this biryani will make any menu wealthier!

Brand : 24mantra

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