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About Us

HelloRemedie is a fast and steadfastly growing eCommerce platform dealing exclusively in Ayurvedic and herbal wellness products, headquartered in Mangalore, Karnataka, India.

With over 100 products available on-demand from top quality home grown brands, HelloRemedie is your one-stop shop on your steadfast journey and efforts towards physical and mental well-being. Our comprehensive range of product offerings includes a melange of Ayurvedic and nutritional products that deliver on efficiency and efficacy in the treatment of various diseases and illnesses– from simple ailments to chronic conditions; our diverse portfolio of products also offers tailored nutritional solutions to help you successfully overcome the challenges that today’s modern and hectic lifestyle throws at you.

HelloRemedie is dedicated to supplying you with only the best assortment of products – the finest quality Ayurvedic and herbal products from top vendors that have been comprehensively researched, incorporating unique, innovative and proven formulations containing only the finest raw materials in their highest, purest and natural form, produced to global standards. We are supported by an extensive distribution network and a dedicated customer service & sales team, backed with world class technical expertise.

Our wide range of products includes Ayurvedic formulations, wellness solutions, nutritional supplements, beauty and skincare products. Say goodbye to your illness woes, and say Hello Remedie!